Fake Breast Squeeze Boob Ball


Looking for a funny and naughty gift for your friends on special days? Or do you feel lonely when you watch a “movie” late at night, by yourself? Or trying to find a gift for a bachelor party? This jumbo giant stress reliever boob ball will make your friends laugh and envy you because they are going to want one also, for whatever purpose they have in their minds, lol. This naughty gag gift was shown in the Jonathan Ross Show, as a naughty and sexy adult gift. Since it is made with high quality rubber, it is very soft, and has squishy texture which makes everyone want to squeeze it constantly. If you poke it, it will wobble and jiggle. If you squeeze it, since it is very stretchy, it will spring right back to the original shape in seconds. You can store it in your drawer, underneath your bed, in your car, or in your bag so that you can play with it anytime. When you feel bored or “lonely,” just grab it and squeeze!!!It will also help you to relieve tension and allow you to vent out your negative emotions. Just grab this giant boob, squeeze hard, and all your stress out will be let out. Since it is a model of female boob, with a life-like nipple, it can be used as a gag gift to surprise your colleagues. Enjoy their reactions when they open up the box and see this hilarious gag gift. It is a bit of a naughty gift/adult toy as well; you can give it to your significant other on your special day, or get it for yourself “wink wink.” You can squeeze this fabulous large boob all day without the onslaught of slaps or sexual harassment claims. You can even use two of these for your custom party outfits. This can be a gift for anyone, male or female. It is SUPER funny Crazy bachelor party gift for the groomsmen from bride or groom to make the night one to remember!!! It might be kind of weird but naught adult novelties make you all laugh! It is perfect accessory for bachelor party, birthday party, social gathering night or drinking night.

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  • Note::****Comes with GIFT POUCH****13 Oz.(1 Ball) Stress relief hand ball, squeeze, and poke it anytime when you are stressed out or “boring/lonely”
  • High quality silicone rubber with a life-like pink nipple, similar texture to the real thing!
  • A great party gag hilarious gift, special gift for your significant other (Partner, Boyfriend, Husband), or for yourself/best crazy funny gift for bachelor party/social gathering night/drinking night
  • A must-have accessory for lavish custom adult parties or your/his “lonely” movie night lol
  • Shipped with a super cute gift pouch so that you can store it clean and safe, fantastic gift! ***If you have any questions or concerns in regards to your order/items, please contact us and we will try to resolve issues/or answers your questions as much as we can***

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Weight 2.4 oz
Dimensions 3 x 2 x 1.3 in


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