Granite Chilling Rocks Set of 8 Cubes in Box



Whiskey Stones from Drinking Rocks will cool your drink down without watering it down! Enjoy your favorite Bourbon, Scotch or spirit as it should be: pure and chilled. Whiskey on the rocks just took on a whole new meaning!

Why Whiskey Stones Rock

A true Whiskey purist will never allow a cube of ice to come within an inch of their whiskey. And for good reason! Ice cubes make it too cold and when they melt, they over-dilute your whisky, killing the flavor and smooth texture.

Whiskey stones chill whiskey at the perfect sipping temperature (50 degrees) without any dilution, unless of course you like to add a few drops of water to release those complex flavors. Add three chilled stones to your next dram, stand for a few minutes and drink your whiskey as the whiskey Gods intended.

Warning: As awesome as our Whiskey Stones are, please do not place in mouth. Keep out of reach of children.

The Drinking Rocks Guarantee

Drinking Rocks bar accessories are designed to enhance the drinking experience. Whether you’re a whiskey connoisseur, an aspiring mixologist, or the consummate party host, our products will help you make the best drinks ever and ensure your parties are the talk of the town.

In fact we’re so confident you’ll love our Whiskey Stones, we offer 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with your purchase for whatever reason, we’ll refund you in full – no questions asked and no hard feelings! We also have a 90-day exchange policy if you’d like to make a change.

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  • ✓ STOP RUINING THE FLAVOR AND TEXTURE OF YOUR WHISKEY: Unlike ice, our Whiskey Stones keeps your whisky chilled without dilution to preserve those complex flavors and smooth texture. So whether you enjoy drinking a fine Single Malt or a classic Old Fashioned, avoid the inevitable melt and enjoy the perfect whiskey drink.
  • ✓ ENJOY YOUR DRINK AS THE WHISKEY GODS INTENDED: If you like to drink your whiskey neat, then these little guys are for you! The granite rocks chill your beverage by 10 to 15 degrees so you can enjoy your liquor at the perfect temperature. They’re not meant to be a replacement for ice cubes or balls; they’re designed to stay cool so you can enjoy your whiskey to it’s fullest.
  • ✓ ENJOY THE FULL STRENGTH OF ANY BEVERAGE: Despite the name, our Whiskey Stones are ideal for chilling any beverage, not just your favorite Scotch, Irish Whiskey or Bourbon. Try a cube or two with rum, tequila, vodka, white wine or a freshly shaken cocktail. They can even be used in non-alcoholic drinks. Enjoy your favorite tipple without thinning out your drink.
  • ✓ NOT ALL WHISKEY STONES ARE CREATED EQUAL: Unlike other Whiskey Stones, our finely crafted cubes are made from solid granite stone and stay chilled in the glass much longer than classic soapstone options. The wooden storage box keeps them clean and free from freezer odors or flavors that can tarnish the taste of your drink.
  • ✓ THE PERFECT TOP SHELF GIFT: These chilling stones are like ‘eye candy’ for your drinks and are a great ‘ice breaker’ (pardon the pun) at any party. They make an ideal gift for the avid whiskey drinker or serial party host in your life.

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