Ice Cubes for Wine Set with Tongs & Plastic Storage Box

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* High Quality, thick stainless steel material chilling stones Contain a food grade chilling gel in the center, allowing for longer cooling time,
they’re not only to chill a warm drink, but also to hold the temperature of an already chilled drink, over any other type on the market.
Designed to be reusable–with durable and high quality stainless steel material.

* One big advantage of stainless steel whiskey stones is to chill your wine, while retaining wine flavor without diluting it. A nice thing to have during summer.

* Important: We offer free plastic storage box. Why? Because it is superior to competitor’s cloth pouches; keeps the product colder and organized.

How To Use:
Keep Warm/Cold Drinks Cold.
– Please wash stones before first use.
– Place stones in freezer for 4 hours or more.
– When ready, add 3-4 frozen cubes per drink and enjoy.
– To clean–only rinse with warm water and air dry.

These chilling cubes will not get your drink as cold as ice. But they sure do not dilute your drink either!

Package List:
8 x Stainless Steel Chilling Cube.
1 x Tongs.
1 x Storage Box.

Perfect gift for your cocktail party. A practical, elegant and affordable gift for many occasions!!!
Such as a unique gifts for: Valentine's Day, “I am sorry” gift or wine lovers.
Our chilling cubes is perfect for: Christmas* anniversary * wedding * engagement * housewarming * birthday * party * for dad * mom * husband * wife * men * women *

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  • A Professional Tongs with Non-Slip Rubber Sleeve to put cubes into glass more steady and convenience.
  • FDA Certificate. High Quality Stainless Steel Material Contains Natural Antibacterial Properties. Never or Wears, Rusts or Corrodes. It’s different from competitor’s soapstone material, which is fragile and can disintegrate over time
  • Includes Plastic Storage Box, Better Than Pouch for Frozen and Storage in Freezer, To Keep Them Clean and organized.
  • Chill Your Wine While Retaining Its Flavor. Retains the Cold of Your Drink for a Longer Time Without Diluting Them. Note: These chilling cubes will not get your drink as cold as ice. But they sure do not dilute your drink either!
  • Nice Gift Box Packing Suitable for any Gift Occasion. Designed to be Reusable, No Pollution. Environmentally Safe.

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