Luxury Whiskey Stones Gift Set by Amerigo

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Your Search for the Perfect GIFT is Finally Over!


Connoisseur's choice for alternative to conventional ice – Do not melt ice and water down your drinks!

Impress your friends and family – Enjoy the best amazement of your guests when you serve up their favorite drinks with your whiskey stones !

And this drinking rocks gift set is a lot cheaper than buying ice every time !


Cool Your Drink Perfectly

FDA Approved & BPA Free Whiskey Chillers

Rounded Edges Won't Scratch Glasses

Easy to Clean – Rinse with Water When Done

For most pleasurable experience:

1. Make sure whiskey ice cubes are well rinsed.

2. Dry the stone, and keep them in the freezer for at least 2-3 hours.

3. Place cold ice cube / whiskey stones granite in a glass, pour the beverage of your choice and enjoy your perfectly cooled drink.

4. After use, rinse and dry the drinking stones and store in the freezer.

Chill Rocks are not meant to cool a drink as quickly or as much as ice. They are intended to provide a slight chill-between 8 and 15 degrees – that will protect the taste without drowning the quality.

Never ingest or chew on the ice stones for drinks ! Keep out of reach of children as they may be a choking hazard.

Material: 100% Pure Large Soapstone

Gift set includes: (9) Whiskey Cubes / Chilling stones

(1) Stainless Steel Barman Tongs

(1) Red Coaster

(1) Black Gift Box

(1) Black Velvet Pouch

(1) Hand Crafted Wooden Box


(1) Instructions

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  • ENJOY EVERY SINGLE SIP OF YOUR FAVORITE DRINK – With soon to be, this whiskey rocks gift set every drink stays away from being diluted by ice in your glasses. – If you drink Whiskey (American and Irish producers), Whisky (Canadian, Scottish, Japanese producers), Non Alcohol Drinks, Vodka, Wine, Scotch, Bourbon, Rum, Cocktails etc. – YOUR LAST SIP WILL ALWAYS BE AS PERFECT AS THE FIRST.
  • EASY TO STORE, NO MESS – Simple storage comes with a hand crafted WOODEN box and a FREE carrying velvet pouch with the logo embroidered. Our set includes also BARMAN TONGS and Coaster for your whiskey glass!. Whole set is packaged in luxury black gift set. And one more BENEFIT: It is such an awesome DECORATION in every home. If that´s not enough for you, if you purchase Whiskey Stones by Amerigo, you´ll get FREE EBOOK – THE ART OF WHISKY as a SPECIAL BONUS!
  • BE UNIQUE, EVEN WHILE CHOOSING A GIFT – Do you want to give a gift which will be unique and MEMORABLE for a life time and upgrade your gift to “Top-Shelf“? – These elegant whiskey stones gift set by Amerigo will definitely make your present UNFORGETTABLE!
  • NO MATTER YOUR AGE OR YOUR GENDER! YOU WILL ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! – As a gift these high quality Whisky ice cubes / stone / whisky stones are an ideal option for your husband, wife, fiancé, friends, parents etc. Give them our chilling stones gift set as a special gift set that is easy to use, and most importantly unforgettable! – Or just satisfy yourself! – A FEW GREAT GIFT IDEAS: Christmas, Father´s Day, Birthday, Valentines Day, Retirement Gifts, Anniversary, College Graduation, Promotion!
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – We are a small family business and we DO believe in quality of our products. – We offer a 90-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE with no Questions asked.(the factory warranty is only available from authorized seller – Lud&Mat) – And if that´s not enough. – You get a 101-year REPLACEMENT WARRANTY just FOR YOU.

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