Natural Granite Whiskey Stones Set Of 6 & 2 Shot Glasses


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Chill out – lean back – enjoy your drink.

When you have one of those days, you need a scotch – and you need it pronto. To have it, you only need a fine glass (or 2 if you share with some company), a fine whiskey and the means to give it the perfect temperature.
The first sip of a drink is the best sip. The rest of the sips, well, they are losing flavor thanks to the ice.

How would you feel about having a consistent tasting drink AND keeping it cold?

Thanks to Lord’s Rocks, you now have that opportunity!
Simply fill your glass and our special granite “rocks” keep your drink cold without leeching water and diluting the taste of your drink!
Enjoy cold, undiluted drinks!
Your drink will have the same taste from the first sip to the last drop. 

Get the drink consistency that you have always wanted…

The best quality stones in a classy box – it contains 6 ice cube rocks, 2 shot glasses,marvelous luxury pine-wood box,magically velvet pouch And one user card,
all in one.

The set will be a uniquely elegant present, for your family or friends! It is the perfect gift set for anyone.

Get the drink consistency that you have always wanted or surprise someone !

How to use:

  •  RINSE the Lord's Rocks with water
  •  PLACE them in their velvet bag
  •  FREEZE them for about 4 hours
  •  CHILL with 2-4 rocks in your drink 

and voila! Bottoms up!

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  • AN AMAZING CLASSY GIFT: Get it for yourself or for a friend. A beautiful idea of a gift set, to offer as a birthday present to your parents, to friends or to anyone who loves to drink whiskey or other chilled drinks without ruin the REAL TASTE of the liquor. A special gift for your husband/wife, a businessman or even a party animal. It comes in a luxurious wooden case, that will astonish even the most demanding minds!
  • CHILL OR YOUR MONEY BACK: 100% satisfaction GUARANTEE! Lord’s Rocks keeps a high sense of responsibility towards its customers. We create only items that you will go crazy about. This is why we offer you 90 – day money back guarantee no questions asked, in case you don’t. Yet rest assured that your new ice cube rocks will rock your world!
  • GET THE PERFECT WHISKEY TEMPERATURE YOU DESIRE:Finally you can enjoy your favorite beverage at the right temperature without diluting it with water.Feel the pure flavor of your drink every sip, Again and again.Since the stones are made from 100% pure and natural granite They do not leave flavors to your drink. and you can rinse after use, freeze them again and use them FOREVER!
  • TALK ABOUT QUALITY: The square stones are made of natural GRANITE (size:20*20*20mm), they were sawn & smoothly tumbled to make sure that your glasses will suffer no scratches or cracks,. The glasses themselves are smoothly made as well (size: 6.5cm,diameter:5.5cm), as they are thick and sturdy. The box is made of pine wood, it has dark brown/walnut color and makes a beautiful and elegant case.
  • UNIQUE PACKAGE: 6 natural, square granite stones, combined with 2 crystal whiskey shot glasses beautifully placed inside a pine-wood luxury box and a soft velvet bag, are enough to make you eager for a scotch. No tearing plastic, nylon or thin fabric bags. No cheap wooden case. This will be the finest addition to your living room’s personal bar/buffet or an excellent adornment to décor your living room table.

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Weight 1.3 oz
Dimensions 5.7 x 5.6 x 2.7 in


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