Paper Towel Premium


The Most Beautiful And Efficient Paper Towel Holder Is Finally Available On Amazon!

Do you want to add more style in your kitchen and create an easier to work environment, with just one addition?

Then, the Luxe Premium paper towel holder is a must have accessory for your kitchen.

Want To Know Why? Check Out Below:

• It is specially designed to enhance the style of every kitchen and will look STUNNING on your tabletop!
• Keeps the paper towel at the tips of your fingers every time you need to wipe your hands!
• Gives you the ability to cut a piece of paper with only one hand, making every activity in the kitchen easier than ever before!
• It is perfect for all kinds of paper towels and can be used both in the kitchen and in the bathroom!
• Also creates a safe distance from the countertop, preventing the damage of the paper towel from possible spills and liquids!

Stop wasting valuable time. Our stocks may be already gone.

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  • SUPERB DESIGN – Classic and contemporary at the same, our splendid paper tower holder will become the main attraction in your house. Decorate your kitchen with one simple accessory, without breaking the bank!
  • HIGH QUALITY – We use only first class, extra strong Metal that can create products of unrivaled quality, resulting in a long lasting experience!
  • WELL WEIGHTED – Now you can use a paper towel without the need of a second hand to hold it stable. Precisely balanced to prevent falls, ensuring hassle free use every single time!
  • MULTIPURPOSE – If you think that this unique item is only designed for your kitchen, you are wrong. It is perfect for every room that should have a paper towel and will be extremely useful in your bathroom!
  • KEEPS PAPER TOWEL SAFE – Liquids and sauces are commonly found on every countertop and can damage an unprotected paper towel making it useless in seconds. Use this remarkable product to keep your paper towel always clean and dry, no matter the situations!

Additional information

Weight 8.8 oz
Dimensions 3.9 x 3.9 x 14.2 in


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