Set of 3 Hand and Finger Strengthener Exercise Ball

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Develop a stronger grip today for rock climbing , shooting , golf , guitar , rehabilitation patients , even as a tennis training aid . Help a stroke victim with recovery of fine motor skills , therapeutic pain reduction , get stronger tendons as a flex tool system for a beginner , device for counselors , exercise for the elderly , your child at school , rehab patient , autistic children , arthritis pain reliever for seniors , stressballs for teens , seriously, it's a cute and cool stressball for a teen , restore range of motion if you're a senior , aids carpel tunnell victims , there are so many great uses for these premium hand strength developer devices . Adult or kid , women , men , girls , boys , yes this is for you! Just keep them away from Fido : ) Ebook arrives as email attachment . Made of non toxic thermoplastic silicone rubber .

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  • Color coded – blue , lime green , and magenta for soft , medium , firm resistance – great for a hand massage or wrist exerciser
  • Includes carry bag for easy storage and travel – take your squishy gel grippers with you to have pain relief and hand exercises at home and on the go
  • Develop and strengthen grip , hands , fingers , wrists , forearm as you squeeze your way to strength with a fun workout
  • Relieve stress and muscle tension from computer work or use for occupational therapy equipment or as adhd , anxiety fidgets , or autism fidget toys
  • Prevents stiffness , increases flexibility , and reduces joint pain ; great for strengthening the hands from arthritis , carpal tunnel surgery or stroke

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