Set of 9 Cumbreca Whiskey Stones


It’s said that real men drink whiskey.

For a long time, whiskey drinkers have been diluting their drinks with ice. This is over. Whiskey stones, were originally created for whiskey drinkers, to use as a substitute for ice cubes. Although they do not get as cold as regular ice cubes, they have a more sustainable temperature and their purpose is to keep your whiskey cool without diluting it.
You can find whiskey stones made of steel, soapstone or even of plastic, which do not always complement all beverages. But now, we provide a much higher quality which are available – Cumbreca Whiskey Stones, made of polished granite.

Whiskey Stones for a lifetime

Polished Granite FDA chilling rocks can survive the journey from freezer to glass and back for an unlimited number of reuses and will never fail. After only four hours in the freezer, these granite cubes will chill your beverage in five minutes or less. Add three to your drink and watch them work their cool magic!
This material is perfect for chilling any beverage, from your favorite rye whiskey to a freshly-shaken winter cocktail.

Make your friends happy!

Do people around you like drinks icy chilled and with pure taste as well as you? Then they will definitely provide as a valuable gift! Whiskey Stones are a great gift for people who love perfect taste without compromises.

Features & specs:
Suitable Dimensions: 0,8 x 0,8 x 0,8 inches
Luxury Material: Black polished granite FDA
The designed wooden box contains 9 stones and a velvet pouch for whiskey stone refrigerator storage

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  • ENJOY THE REAL TASTE – There is no worse crime in the world than wasting a good whiskey. Do you agree? So, forget about melting ice and diluting your drinks. Chill your favorite beverage with Whiskey Stones by Cumbreca and preserve the original taste with every moment. If we say in every, we mean it!
  • SUSTAINED TEMPERATURE – The temperature affects the taste. This is a simple truth which a lot of people forget about. Chill your drink to a constant temperature (between 8 – 15 Degrees ) and bring out all the essential aromas you like. Due to the polished granite the chilling stones retain its temperature longer than ice, and the stones provide for a more sustained chill which is worth it!
  • DRINK WITH STYLE – The whiskey stones are made in an distinctive black colour, and give your drink an exclusive look. Thanks to its material and a velvet bag, you can take them ice chilled wherever it’s needed. Impress your friends at a party, please your business partner at the meeting or just savor a refreshing drink by the pool. You can use Whiskey Stones for every type of drink without worrying about watering it down with ice.
  • NATURAL AND SAFE – Are you afraid of your health? The box contains 9 luxury reusable chilling stones made from highly polished black granite FDA. It means this product is perfectly suitable for contact with food and drinks. It is also easy to clean – soap and water are the only things you need.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT – Give your dad a special Father´s Day gift. Whiskey Stones by Cumbreca include a stylish wooden box and a velvet bag which make a perfect gift for anybody who wants to get the best enjoyment from their drinks. Make your partner, friends, family, colleagues happy, or just yourself with this great product.

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Weight 5.6 oz
Dimensions 3.5 x 1.5 x 3.7 in


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