Set Of 9 Whiskey Stones Wooden Box with Velvet Pouch


Are you tired of ruining your premium whiskey by diluting it with ice, leaving you with that weird aftertaste in your mouth?

Want to make a great impression on friends and guests every time they come over?

Introducing Stone Cold Rocks – Finally drinking your premium whiskey on the rocks gets its original meaning.

Now you can enjoy the authentic experience of drinking perfectly chilled whiskey, scotch and bourbon the traditional way, just like true whiskey lovers do for hundreds of years but only in a simpler and easier way.

Have your favorite whiskey chilled to be just right for you to truly enjoy it without sinfully watering it down.

Stone Cold Rocks With the classically designed wooden box and luxuries style grabs attention for making a great and memorable impression every time you have company over.

Any whiskey lover will tell you that soapstone rocks are the right way to go.

Stone Cold Rocks whiskey stones set is the ultimate gift box that will make every man feel smooth and sophisticated.

Your purchase is completely safe by a 100% Money Back Guarantee Policy.

Get stone cold rocks today and enjoy your whiskey the right way.

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  • Perfectly chilled- Unlike ice, which freezes your whiskey drink and closes the flavors, these stones cool it down to be just right for that smooth and rich taste. Wine lovers will also love these cubes especially when you don’t have a bottle ready and chilling in the fridge for guests.
  • Stop Diluting Your Whiskey- These premium quality whiskey stones chill your bourbon, single malt, scotch, blend, irish, rye, corn or any other kind of fine spirit you choose, to make every sip perfect without watering it down.
  • Lasts a Lifetime- Premium 100% soapstone rocks don’t wear out or absorb any tastes or smells so you can use them time and again while keeping them good as new. The perfectly rounded edges of the stones won’t scratch or harm your glasses in any way keeping them bright and shiny
  • Be the Expert- Get the Free “All About Whiskey” eBook bonus and gain all the important knowledge you need to have about whiskey in no time so you will allways have somthing interesting to talk about at the bar or when friends come over for drinks.
  • The Ultimate Gift For Men- Comes in a classic hand crafted wooden box with a rugged touch that highlights its retro American style design. Also includes a black velvet carrying pouch with a high quallity logo printing and a special eBook Bonus, making this set the perfect gift for any occasion.

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Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 3.3 x 1.5 x 3.9 in


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